It was burned by CHARLES & KEITH new bag! 5 affordable and textured hipster bags recommended


CHARLES & KEITH, which is known as the small CK in Singapore, is popular among young girls for its popular and affordable shoes. In the new season, a variety of fashionable bags have been introduced, from retro-style handbags to practical and comfortable swings. Bags and buckets... every one looks good


Super cute retro bag

CHARLES & KEITH has recently launched a variety of retro styles, colorful and saturated bags, which can be selected to suit a variety of styles.


Temperament goose yellow handbag

With a retro look and a cute goose-yellow design, this handbag is awesome! Plus crocodile embossing, it also enhances the texture, and provides both shoulder and hand, so you can change the shape.


Crocodile embossed tote


Good to put on the summer swing package

A swing bag type like a bamboo basket bag, with a crocodile leather embossed with some more atmosphere, in addition to holiday travel, weekdays can also be back to work.


Crocodile Swing Package


Elegant gray-green half moon bag

The refreshing shades of low saturation look more elegant and textured, and they are good for any clothes. The rounded lines of the half-moon bag will make you look more feminine than the regular square bag.


Crocodile embossed half moon bag


Playful wrist bucket bag

Wrist-style handles with pink leather, depicting women's sweet temperament, and through the metal details and irregular cutting, add a fresh sense of the city.


Crocodile wrist bucket bag


Vintage cylinder bowling bag

The playful bag is paired with a circular handle, cute and with a retro personality, the most suitable for the girl.


Crocodile bowling bag