At the party peak season, the accessory Queen Charles & Keith makes the style of the cockroach outstanding!



At the end of the year, the end of the year is the peak season of the party. The gatherings of various famous friends or the company’s tails come one after another. Even if you wear a low-key dress on weekdays, you should be brave enough to express yourself at this moment and welcome the new one with the most eye-catching shape. year! Worried about what to wear? It’s ok to play the accessories! There is no smashing of the shirt, but also the style of the clothing to enhance the personal style, there is nothing smarter than this party tactics!

Charles & Keith understands your needs, select a variety of different styles of bag shoes, look at the popular tide model Angelina uses accessories to create three different party styles!

Shining metallic colors make sports more fashionable!


There is no need to repeat the sporty style. It is not difficult to wear sports styles and styles, but it is another matter to stand out from the party! Shining metallic colors best accentuate the festive atmosphere and upgrade the sporty style. Whether it's a silver pouch or a platform sneaker, the gradual silver design creates a magical futuristic look while walking or dancing, attracting attention. Finally, don't forget to wear the Swarovski crystal tassel earrings! The conflict aesthetics of gorgeous and casual is the key to the success of fashionable sports.

The blush of gorgeous adds color to the little black dress!


The black dress has become a must-have item in everyone's wardrobe. Every time you go to a special occasion, you should wear it. But how to make it look different makes you need to work harder; especially in the party, you will never go wrong. Black will always make you invisible! Extend the popular party red lip concept to the accessories, echo the red retro square bag, the metal chain design around the wrist is also a beautiful embellishment; the shoes are made of special velvet material, elegant carved high heels Choose to make the overall look retro and gorgeous without falling into the cliché.

The romantic romance is the most charming style!


The most annoying part of party dressing is that you can't be too casual and can't dress yourself as a Christmas tree. When you choose a bling bling piece, is it easy to feel too loaded? Take out the hippie attitude of the 70s! The earth color is both versatile and not mad. Like a splicing ankle boots with brown socks, put on a sequined pencil skirt, and let the sequins have a gorgeous multi-point character; the felt Cambridge bag with a tassel shoulder strap on the back is the best decoration on the garment, shoulders The cross-back and tassel straps of the belt are cleverly made into shoulders, and the costumes blend with the modern 70s style, and the romantic and unrestrained.

Using accessories to change the style of clothing, is not casual talk!


Clever party dressing should make every use of every accessory, let the small soldiers make great achievements, just like the tassel shoulder straps, crystal tassel earrings, can make the simple turtleneck, Sweatshirt style revision and upgrade! Of course, sunglasses are also an indispensable party magic weapon. Especially the era of colored sunglasses is more conducive to party style. It is not only cool to wear it, but also a cosmetic effect like a make-up, let you become the focus of the party!