Adidas new ALPHAEDGE 4D series running shoes


For a long time, Adidas has constantly re-examined the entire era of sports manufacturing. With its continuous creativity, it is expected to subvert the thinking of shoes and redefine the trend of the times. Recently, Adidas has launched the new ALPHAEDGE 4D series running shoes. The iconic ADIDAS 4D technology midsole is to break the conventional posture and refresh the craft aesthetics, focusing on the new era of trend.

The ALPHAEDGE 4D series of running shoes, which combines the sense of technology, futuristic and trendy, has attracted a lot of attention since its launch. It has also received wide acclaim from the industry and has become the focus of the public. In addition to the classic black-green, white-green color, the ALPHAEDGE 4D series of shoes will bring a pure white color, and the joint environmental organization Parley for the Oceans will launch the pure green limited ALPHAEDGE 4D Parley running shoes, four different color matching shoes. The style meets the different wear requirements of the creators, and the design innovation has also set off a wave of star-studded people out of the street.

In the star-studded picture, the entertainment team's tidal masters Luhan and Angelababy chose to use ALPHAEDGE 4D running shoes with sportswear. The overall shape is dynamic and vivid, demonstrating their self-confident and avant-garde fashion attitude. Luhan's sports and leisure jacket, ALPHAEDGE 4D running shoes on the feet add a fresh and casual atmosphere to the overall shape; Angelababy with a long coat with white ALPHAEDGE 4D running shoes, in the studio as a background, a good interpretation of the working state The sense of style, casual and comfortable reveals the personality.

Star ALPHAEDGE 4D running shoes - Lu Han, Yang Ying

Adidas ALPHAEDGE 4D running shoes are not only sought after by fashion and entertainment circles, but also with the revolutionary ADIDAS 4D midsole technology brought by Carbon Technology. Putting it on the cutting edge of technology, creating a performance midsole with both cool and cool. The exposed complex matrix structure not only breaks the convention, but also becomes a subversive visual symbol. It also makes the ADIDAS 4D intuitively visible technology form, so that technology can be more than imagined. The fine matrix of the midsole is as full of vitality as a single cell, and it is close to the eye, supporting the technological soul of ADIDAS 4D.

ADIDAS 4D Technology Midsole Matrix Structure

Breaking the rules stems from different imaginations; subverting technology and constantly innovating. The ADIDAS 4D midsole technology on the ALPHAEDGE 4D series of running shoes comes from the collision of sports and Silicon Valley – Adidas and Carbon Technologies have brought revolutionary technology midsole with Digital Light Synthesis. The production process uses a programmable liquid resin specially developed by Carbon, a polymer that can be cured by UV light and has strong elastic support, and polyurethane. Under the action of digital light projection and oxygen permeable optical technology, Accurately "print" complex matrix structures in liquid resins, from invisible to tangible, from partial to monolithic, creating a practical and aesthetic performance midsole.

ADIDAS 4D Technology Midsole Printing Process: Light, Oxygen, Liquid Resin

ADIDAS 4D is Adidas' breakthrough ground-breaking technology, which fundamentally breaks away from the traditional shoe-making thinking and puts its eyes on cutting-edge technology. This technology "prints" products in programmable liquid resins, which are clearly different from ordinary 3D printing, and more importantly, athlete data plays an important role in this technology. Personal sports data is transformed into products, which represents the future of 3D printing – so the fourth dimension is data, which is the origin of the “4D” naming.

Carbon Technology Corporation Printer

The construction of the three key areas of the ADIDAS 4D technology midsole evolved from athlete data captured over many years: the open matrix structure in the heel helps disperse the impact, and the denser matrix structure of the midfoot provides support and stability. The high-density structural design of the palm is designed to push the foot forward. Through the change of the density of the matrix structure in the front, middle and back of the sole, it helps to meet the needs of cushioning, stability, support and comfort during exercise, and feedback energy to specific areas of the sole to help runners create their own sports advantages. A strong movement broke out.

Adidas' new ALPHAEDGE 4D series of running shoes also features a special engineered sock-style Primeknit upper, which is like a second layer of skin, which fits the runner's steps and brings a light foot feel. In addition, the running shoes use ContinentalTM horse rubber. At the end, we strive to help in sharp sharp turns and speed up the speed; the midfoot and heel TPU patch helps provide foot fit and stability support for lateral movement, helping runners to run out in different weather conditions and different terrains. . The four color schemes are different, satisfying a variety of wearing needs, and expecting the creators to define their own trend and new style in both sports performance and fashion wear, and use creativity to subvert the "4D" era.

ALPHAEDGE 4D Parley Running Shoes - Pure Green Color Limited Edition / Pure White Color Limited Edition / Black and Green Color Matching / White and Green Color Matching